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If you’re in search of a top-notch commercial cleaning & janitorial service that prioritizes your satisfaction, look no further. We’ve got you covered! Proudly serving the Lakeland & Winter Haven area.

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Why Do Our Customers ♥ Us?

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Great quality and customer service. Top notch commercial cleaning service.
Robin Riley
Robin Riley
They arrived on time and were very professional. I would recommend this cleaning company to anyone and plan to use them again.
Kyle Nance
Kyle Nance
We absolutely love and support Impact Cleaning Professionals! I work with Nance's Flooring and we are proud to reference people to get their floors cleaned by Impact! They care, and they do a wonderful job, EVERY job. Cannot say enough good things about this wonderful company! Thank you Impact!
Rodney Moore
Rodney Moore
Wonderful service! I would definitely recommend this company!
Don peterson
Don peterson
Impact Cleaning professionals, are friendly, flexible and care about their clients. The products used are not toxic or damaging as most store bought are. I recommend Impact Cleaning Professionals to ALL friends and acquaintances all the time in Florida because I know they will be as happy with their staff and work as completed. Do yourself a favor, hire Impact Cleaning Professionals and you will love them and there services. They specialize in office cleaning, and excel in carpet cleaning, as well. Tile and grout cleaning, floor cleaning of all kind, move-in/move-out cleaning. I rate 5 stars!!!
Very professional
Kay Fields
Kay Fields
Impact Cleaning did an amazing job for Girls Inc. of Lakeland. Our carpet in our multipurpose game room and chairs in the lobby needed a good cleaning from all of our summer camp traffic. The owner of the company worked around our schedule and personally made sure that everything was cleaned to perfection. Antonio was very professional and made sure that the job was done to our satisfaction. Impact Cleaning prices are very affordable. We will be one of their regular customers. I highly recommend Impact Cleaning! A special thanks to the owner Antonio Williams for making sure that the job was done 💯 .
Amber Porter
Amber Porter
I would recommend Impact Cleaning Professionals for anyone in need of a cleaning service. They are friendly, professional, and did a great job. Very impressed!! Definitely will be using again in future!
LykeMynd Productions
LykeMynd Productions
I am so happy that I was advised to use ICP !! I had a last minute request to clean my apartment when I was moving and they were even able to help me clean my new apartment with no hassle!!! Thank youuuu !!!! I can’t wait to use them again!!

Commercial Cleaning Partners

We take immense pride in showcasing the incredible array of companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, our partners trust us implicitly. We understand that each business is distinct and has its own set of requirements. That’s why we collaborate closely with our partners, crafting tailor-made cleaning plans that cater to their specific needs.

Impact Cleaning Professionals has become the trusted cleaning ally for a diverse range of companies. No cleaning challenge is too daunting for us, whether it’s a small local business, a large corporate company, a local government entity, or a nonprofit organization. We have honed our expertise and accumulated vast experience to handle them all with confidence and finesse.

Our unwavering commitment to fostering robust and enduring partnerships is evident through the trust our partners place in us. We believe in the power of open and transparent communication, actively listening to our partners’ needs, swiftly addressing their concerns, and consistently delivering cleaning services that go above and beyond expectations.

When you choose to partner with Impact Cleaning Professionals, you’re aligning yourself with a company that deeply values the importance of forging strong, lasting relationships. Our esteemed partners rely on us to provide exceptional commercial floor cleaning services that cater precisely to their unique needs, surpassing all expectations along the way.

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Why Impact Cleaning Professionals?

Seamless Communication With Swept, Janitorial Software

Our commitment to seamless customer communication is strengthened by Swept. This powerful tool enables us to effortlessly stay in sync with your team and promptly address their needs. With the app’s capabilities, we can share real-time pictures of our cleaning efforts and promptly alert you to any potential concerns. To explore the full potential of this technology, we invite you to watch the video.

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