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Carpet Cleaning: The Impact Way

Com­mer­cial upholstery and carpet cleaning requires a highly trained staff member armed with the right tools and equipment. Different carpet types have distinctive cleaning requirements; based on the material and traffic patterns. Several different equipment types are available (depending on the type of carpet) to ensure that your carpet is properly cleaned to prevent damage to the fiber or backing.

The varying types of equipment we use include:

  • Bon­net car­pet clean­ers
  • Car­pet ex­trac­tors
  • Encapsulation machines

We partner with the Janitorial Superstore to ensure we have the latest equipment needed to provide carpet and upholstery cleaning in the most effective and efficient way possible.

When you choose Impact Cleaning Professionals for your commercial carpet cleaning needs, you can rest assured our team of professionals has been trained to recognize what your carpet requires and can effectively provide the highest quality of cleanliness.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet is an excellent choice of flooring for comfort and appearance but requires routine maintenance to ensure your floors stay clean, hold up to daily traffic, and continue to look and feel their best. Our team of professional cleaners can help with this routine maintenance to ensure your business or residence can perform optimally. Improved health & airflow, extending the life of your carpet, and enhanced look and feel are all the reasons why you should consider Impact Cleaning Professionals for your cleaning needs.

Improved Health & Airflow

Though there are many benefits to carpet as a flooring choice, proper maintenance is required to ensure a healthy environment. Carpet fibers collect dust and debris which can house bacteria, allergens, and dust mites. Proper carpet cleaning, using hot water extraction, can improve the overall health and airflow of your flooring. Routine removal of dust and debris during the carpet cleaning process will free up the carpet fibers so they can continue to capture dust, preventing the dust from circulating in the air.

For our residential clients, we have all the supplies and equipment necessary to remove those pet stains and scents for good. Puppy training leaves your carpet in a less than desirable state that household cleaning products can’t remedy. Our team is equipped with enzyme cleaners, which penetrate deep into the carpet and padding to remove those pesky odors for good.

Extends the Life of your Carpet

The debris and dust that accumulate in the carpet fibers must be extracted in order to maintain the life of your carpet. Dust and debris, trapped in the carpet fibers, over time will break down and deteriorate those fibers. Carpet cleaning extraction methods remove the dust and debris to ensure your carpet investment will last as long as possible.

Many commercial carpet brands with a warranty, requires the carpet to be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain that warranty. Our team of professionals are happy to look into your carpet’s warranty and prepare a plan accordingly to ensure your carpet is cleaned on a regular basis.

Enhanced Look & Feel

Stubborn stains and odors greatly effect the overall appearance of your building or home. Flooring is the foundation for making a building look clean; a building that has been scrubbed and sanitized throughout will never look clean if the floors look dirty.

Carpet cleaning enhances the overall look and feel of a room providing a comfortable space that family, friends, coworkers, or customers will appreciate. Impact Cleaning Professionals is always prepared with solutions to remove any of your stubborn stains and odors and improve the overall look and feel of any room.

Employee Education and Training

Our team of carpet cleaning professionals are provided with training from BSCAI, a worldwide network that offers training and certification to ensure you receive the highest level of carpet cleaning and janitorial services. Our team is committed to learning and growing in every level of the company, from the top down. Our training focuses anywhere from management and leadership to best cleaning practices. We understand how important your business is and we strive to deliver you the highest level of service.

Our team of carpet care technicians receive extensive training on every piece of equipment or solutions we use. We strive to ensure all of our technicians are up to date on the latest practices and procedures so we can ensure that you are provided with the highest level of service so we can continue to provide you with carpet care and cleaning for years to come.

The Impact Cleaning Professionals Standard

Our carpet cleaning estimates include everything you need in one price. We don’t “lowball” in order to get in the door, then attempt to upsell you on all our carpet services. During your walkthrough, our professionals will determine exactly what you need and provide you with one price to ensure our high quality standard can be met. Our proposal will include:

  • Pre-vacuum of the area to ensure all dry debris has been removed from the top layer of the carpet.
  • Pre-spray to emulsify dirt and contaminants.
  • Carpet agitation to open fibers and allow deeper penetration of cleaning solutions.
  • Hot water extraction.
  • Grooming to allow for a faster dry and approve the appearance of the carpet.
  • Deodorization

Our team at Impact Cleaning Professionals is equipped and prepared to offer you the highest level of service. We also offer a wide range of floor care services including tile and grout cleaning.

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