Hard Floor Surface Care

Hard Floor Surface Care: Where We Shine

Spe­cial­iz­ing in hard floor surface care; including grout cleaning and sealing, strip & wax, spray buff, and more. Impact Cleaning Professionals is par­tic­u­lar­ly fa­mil­iar with the main­te­nance needs of floor­ing in big box re­tail stores, lo­cal bank branch’s, restaurants, educational facilities, com­mer­cial buildings and medical office buildings.

Floor care services are not just about achieving a good shine, it also an important factor in protecting your floors. We highly recommend these services to keep your facility at it’s peak.

Why Choose Impact Cleaning Professionals?

Our technicians are the best in the business. They are highly trained and stay abreast of all new floor care technologies and systems.

Our professional floor care technicians are committed to being the best in Polk County including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Lake Wales, and Haines City.

Our floor care professionals are provided with training from BSCAI, a worldwide network that offers training and certification to ensure you receive the highest level of cleaning and janitorial services. Our team is committed to learning and growing in every level of the company, from the top down. Our training focuses anywhere from management and leadership to best cleaning practices. We understand how important your business is and we strive to deliver to you the highest level of service.

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What We Offer:

There are a va­ri­ety of hard floor sur­faces, each re­quiring a unique care plan to main­tain. We will cre­ate a cus­tom floor care plan to care for your floors and pro­tect your of­fice in­vest­ment. We pro­vide the fol­low­ing ser­vices:

Strip & Wax:

Our team has a few different options for the strip and wax. For a basic strip and wax, our team will strip away the old layers of wax and grime and then reapply new wax in a multi-step process. Your newly waxed floors will be gleaming.

Then we have a process called a scrub and recoat. This is an intermediate step between stripping and waxing that scrubs away the top few layers of wax to remove embedded items that have penetrated those first few layers. We then add more layers of wax through a multi-step process to bring floors back to life.

Lastly we have spray buffing which cleans and buffs away dirt and grime from the existing wax layers to reveal sparking floors. Spray buffing is used to maintain the floors appearance and reduce the frequency of either a scrub and recoat or strip and wax.

High speed burnishing:

For commercial locations where a polished glass look is desired, burnishing  will achieve an optimal level of shine and higher level of gloss by polishing the floors at a greater speed. .

Tile Cleaning & grout cleaning:

For both residential and commercial clients, tile cleaning and grout cleaning involves using a series of solution applications to remove grime and buildup then applying pressurized steam. Our tile and grout cleaning procedure will produce noticeable results.

Our tile and grout cleaning price includes grout sealer. Sealing your grout protects it from mold and mildew growth, water stains, and other contaminants that break down the grout over time. Without those stains and contaminants your grout will last longer and need less scrubbing from you.

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Our technicians will work with you to provide a one time floor care service or recurring maintenance program. Give us a call today to learn more or have an Impact Cleaning Professional come out and provide a quote.

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