Post Construction Cleanup: Your #1 Guide to Choosing a Professional

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The Guide to Choosing a Professional Post Construction Cleaner

There are many variables that go into choosing the right post construction cleanup company for your job site. Understanding these variables can help you make the right choice to ensure your job site is cleaned effectively and efficiently. With the post construction clean being one of the final tasks before turning the building over to its new owner, you want to ensure the cleaning company you have chosen can deliver in an efficient and timely manner. The post construction cleanup tips we provide will help you and your team choose wisely.  

Pre and Post Construction Cleanup: Understand the Phases

The first step is to find a post construction cleaning company that fully understands the various phases of a post construction clean. These phases include the rough construction clean, the final construction clean, and touch-up construction clean. The rough construction cleaning phase involves the removal of debris and dust, and includes wiping down windows and walls, and sweeping or vacuuming the floors. During this phase, the building will be dirty by ordinary standards but serves as an opportunity to start the clean while minor trade work is still being performed. This phase is important because even with careful cleaning, dust is disturbed and not all of it will be removed on the first pass. The final clean, or deep clean, is where that remaining construction dust can be removed for good. During this phase, your post construction crew can work from the top down to ensure every surface has been touched. During this phase, particular attention is given to bathrooms, break-rooms, and kitchens. The final clean is where the floors are prepped for their new owner and the cleaning professional you have chosen can provide their expert advise on the best way to get those floors looking spotless. Finally, is the touch-up post construction phase. Not every construction job will require this phase, but it might be required for jobs with excessive construction dust accumulation or when unplanned construction continues after the post construction clean has been performed. During this phase, the post construction cleanup crew will go back over and clean any areas that require additional attention. When choosing a post construction cleanup company, it is important to find a company that will take the time to understand your unique construction site and time constraints. Not every job will require multiple phases in the post construction cleanup, but some jobs may require more. Large and complex construction sites may require sub-phased cleaning to track alongside the progress of construction. When quoting the project, it is important to find a cleaning company that takes the time to understand your unique challenges and timeline.

Post Construction Cleanup Contract: Communication is Key

The next step is to find a commercial cleaning company that clearly outlines the scope of work in the post-construction cleaning contract. The last thing you want is to find out, towards the end of a project, the cleaning company was not including window washing, or removing overspray, in their scope. Because every construction site is different, it is important to find a construction cleaning company that clearly communicates their scope of work and can identify any potential problems before they arise. Paint overspray is often something that most cleaning companies do not include in their basic scope of work. Depending on the surface, paint overspray removal can come up quickly or become a time intensive project. Its important to find a cleaning company that will take the time to develop a scope of work that will meet all the contractors needs.

Impact Cleaning Professionals: #1 Polk County Post Construction Cleanup Team

Our team at Impact Cleaning Professionals prides themselves on the exceptional value we provide on cleaning post construction jobs. Post construction cleanup presents unique challenges that takes a team of professionals to navigate efficiently. Our project managers take the time to fully understand those challenges before executing our post construction cleanup plan. When developing a scope of work, we don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach. Our post-construction cleanup rates are determined after a thorough walkthrough with the contractor, to ensure we can provide the best value and service to all our customers.

We understand the time constraints that general contractors face, and we work diligently to stay within those deadlines. We also understand the importance of being flexible as change orders on construction sites can create delays. Our project managers strive to maintain an open line of communication to ensure our team can execute and deliver. Our team is trained to ensure the job tasks are completed within the established time frame and communicate any anticipated delays before they become a problem.

We’d love to talk to you about your post construction needs. Give us a call today to learn more or have an Impact Cleaning Professional come out and provide a quote for your upcoming post construction clean.

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